Passover Seder for Newbies

Passover is on a way, and Jewish tables around a universe will be piled high with matzah, sour herbs, and booze for a Passover seder, a rite feast that celebrates a pardon of a Israelites from labour in Egypt. Many Jewish homes entice strangers or acquaintances to a list for a seder—and in new years, that tradition has mostly stretched to embody people of opposite faiths. If you’ve had a respect of being invited to your initial Passover seder, here are a few do’s and don’ts.

  1. Don’t, for a adore of G-d, seem on a doorstep with a fritter of bread from your favorite boulangerie. Ordinarily, it’s a good thing to do. At Passover, not so much: during a holiday, usually bread though leavening (matzah, that San Francisco-based Reform Rabbi Ruth Adar describes as a kind of “huge saltless saltine”) can be eaten.
  2. But, to be a good guest, do move something. Dietary restrictions approximate this holiday, so booze or candy labeled “kosher for Passover,” uninformed flowers or toys for a kids are good ideas.
  3. Don’t arrive ravenous. This is a rite feast, so any step, sip, reading and punch are freighted with mystic meaning. It’s tough to relive and plead a stress of a moody from Egypt if your stomach is rumbling.
  4. Do come prepared to drink. According to custom, 4 eyeglasses of booze are consumed by any guest during Passover. Depending on your host, these eyeglasses competence be tiny or large, though there are still 4 of them. If we don’t splash alcohol, grape extract will expected be available. Ask beforehand.
  5. Do hang around. Even brief seders (technically sederim) are not grab-and-go affairs, and a prolonged one can final distant into a night. (It’s pronounced that one of a many dear Passover customs, a stealing of a afikomen for a children to find, originated to assistance keep them watchful by a whole seder.) So, be prepared.
  6. Don’t be fearful to ask. Passover, with a many questions and answers, is an educational event, and that extends to you, a guest. It’s OK to ask what we should wear, what we can bring, and, during a seder, what a stress of any food and movement is. Politely, of course.

Visit for some-more Passover-related gifts. Want some-more information about Passover seders? Visit Rabbi Ruth’s welcoming blog, The Coffee Shop Rabbi.

Lavonne Leong writes about arts, science, business, family, and yes, shopping, from her small yellow residence in Honolulu, where she lives with her father and daughters. She is not during all Jewish, though she’s been a guest during adequate seders to know because that night is opposite from all other nights.

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